What is Leg Length Discrepancy?

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Leg Length Discrepancy is a condition that involves the legs having a distinct difference in individual length. With the longer leg, usually elegantly referred to as “the big leg” being dominant, the shorter “little” leg struggles to compensate for the difference in height, leading to over-bearing of weight and a constant or irregular limp. Leg Length Discrepancy will also commonly affect the feet, leading to different lengths or widths in each respective foot, and can lead to other foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinitis and Arch Pain or Strain.

Long Leg, Story Short

Leg Length Discrepancy is usually a congenital defect present from birth but can be caused by an injury to the pelvis or the bone’s growth plates and is not as uncommon as you may first think – in fact it is thought that the majority of the population have some degree of Leg Length Discrepancy, making those who have perfectly equal legs more of the anomaly!

Active runners and athletes may find that they suffer more injuries and foot conditions due to leg length discrepancy and left uncorrected, uneven legs can place huge strain on the feet, hips and back.

What is Leg Length Discrepancy?

Big Leg, Little Leg, Cardboard Box

A severe case of Leg Length Discrepancy can mean the little leg is so far behind the big leg that the in-shoe equivalent of standing on a box will need to be implemented. This is most common among children who display the symptoms early and involves the sole of the shoe being sliced open, a thick insert (also known as an instep or shoe lift) being added and then the shoe being reconstructed. For most people though, a minor case of Leg Length Discrepancy can be treated by simply opening a cardboard box, provided there’s a suitable insole in it.

Shoe Lift Me Up

Many insoles or shoe lifts are available for the correction of Leg Length Discrepancy, depending on your condition and your personal needs any of these shoe lift options could be the ideal fit for you and your legs.

Full Length Insoles and Inserts are the full suite of foot treatment, supporting the heel, arch and ball of foot as well as helping to align the body and combat other issues common among uneven legs and feet such as Supination. Full length insoles designed for Leg Length Discrepancy are also ideal for those who do not want such an obvious lift in the heel area of the shoe (where the majority of Leg Length Discrepancy insoles and orthotics concentrate) as the lift provided is neatly tapered throughout the entire insole.

Heel Lifts are the most common type of orthotics offered for the in-shoe correction of Leg Length Discrepancy.  Heel lifts are usually either sold in a variety in heights to suit your needs or as adjustable, peel-away inserts that allow you to exactly match the height to your leg. Concentrating on stabilizing the ankle and evening the height of the feet, heel insoles fit into most shoes without crowding the entirety of the foot.

Wisely Choose Your Shoes

Leg Length Discrepancy insoles are a fantastic option for anyone looking to correct the differences in their leg length as well as combat the foot conditions commonly associated with it, but in order to get the best performance out of your insole and of your feet, suitable footwear is highly recommended.

Leg Length Discrepancy insoles will work best when the foot is kept in a stable condition, lace ups and shoes with a larger forefoot and toe box will allow you to enjoy the greatest benefit from Leg Length Discrepancy correction. High Heels and shoes with little support of the foot beneath or enclosure of the foot above will lessen the effects of Your Sole Insole and heighten your chances of developing the aches, pains or further foot conditions associated with uneven legs.

Please visit the Shoe Insoles website for a full range of Insoles for Leg Length Discrepancy.

What is Leg Length Discrepancy?

Clearly Adjustable Leg Length Discrepancy Insole

  • Combats leg length discrepancy where one leg is shorter than the other
  • Fully adjustable in 1mm height increments
  • Can elevate foot height and leg length by up to 18mm
  • Fits most shoes and can be trimmed to fit perfectly
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What is Leg Length Discrepancy?

Talarmade Elevate 3/4 Length Orthotics

  • Heat mouldable orthotic kit for tailored support
  • For customised patient fit by a professional
  • Follows anatomical features to provide excellent comfort
  • Suitable for a variety of conditions
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What is Leg Length Discrepancy?

Tred-Lite Ezi Rize Insoles (Pair)

  • Adjustable insoles perfect for leg length discrepancy correction
  • Rises the heel in adjustable 3mm increments
  • Offers lift of 3 mm – 15 mm
  • Available in male and female sizes
What is Leg Length Discrepancy?    In stock now
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I have 15mm heel lifts. Which are the best insoles to put in your shoe to go with these? I feel heel pain not a great deal but some cushioning would be great.

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