What is Ortholite?

Ortholite, a special kind of recycled foam, is made by using advanced science and technology to make waste PU materials processed through multiple channels and then adding natural plant antibacterial agents and activated carbon special polymer materials. Its main component is a polyurethane (PU), which does not contain any toxic substances, and can be recycled many times, which fully meets the requirements of international environmental protection organizations. The main advantages of its products are:


Ortholite, a special kind of recycled foam


  1. Deodorization, sweat absorption, and breathability: During the production process of Ortholite foam, there is an advanced machine to finely crush the PU raw material recovered from the exhaust gas, so it has a unique and sparse particle structure, forming billions of ultra-fine, Open-air vents. The air inside the shoes can be circulated freely through 360 ° C insoles so that the moisture can be easily taken away. The capillary structure of the shoes fully exerts the function of hygroscopic & perspiration to maintain Feet are dry and breathable; Antibacterial & Mildew Proof is an inherent magical property of Otholite foam, which can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and the generation of odors, keeping the wearer’s feet to the maximum extent And comfort to achieve deodorant effect.


  1. Shock absorption and cushioning: Ortholite foam has superior elasticity and high-density polymerization, which makes it have a cushioning effect and shock absorption effect. It can effectively absorb the spring back force generated by the ground during sports or walking, and thus has a good impact on the joints of the back, knee, and waist plays a protective role, which is especially suitable for long-term use. www.ideastepinsole.com


  1. Compression deformation resistance: The unique ultra-high-density effectively guarantees its strong compression resistance, deformation resistance, and resistance to twisting and abrasion. It can withstand long-term, high-frequency, high-strength depression without deformation, allowing you Unlike other insole materials, the insole will gradually sag and cause permanent compression deformation. #ideasteppufoam


  1. Soft and comfortable: No plasticizer is used in the manufacturing process of Ortholite foam. It will not shrink, become brittle or break with time, and always maintains its new softness and elasticity, which makes the shoe last longer The interior can maintain maximum comfort.


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