What is Runner’s Knee?

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Runner’s Knee, also known as patellofemoral knee pain, is the name given to a pain and discomfort originating in the knee joint. 

Like those tricky little bones that cause Sesamoiditis in your foot, your knee is also one big Sesamoid, a bone that isn’t directly connected to other bones but held in place exclusively by tendons and muscles. As tendons and muscles are far more vulnerable to injury, many different conditions can affect sesamoid bones. Runner’s Knee is caused by precisely this damage being dealt to the muscles around your kneecap (patella). It is not a serious problem but a sore knee is probably your body’s way of telling you to make a change to your walking routine before those serious issues do start to arise. 

Running into to Runner’s Knee

Save for an unexpected fall or direct trauma, Runner’s Knee is not a sudden condition, but a result of gradual wear and tear. Your hard-working knees go through massive amounts of strain and stress with each passing day, and have to bear the force and motion of your hips, quads and feet. If any one of these things is misaligned or poorly conditioned, it can be your knees that pay the price. The ideal running position consists of your pelvis remaining steady and level, with feet that do not overly turn outwards or inwards. If you know you run with Supination or Pronation, or suffer from Flat Feet you may find yourself at a heightened risk of Runner’s Knee as the unnatural distribution of shock on your feet will go straight to your knee joints.

What is Runner's Knee?

Discovering if you are a secret-Pronator is simple enough, simply record yourself running or take a glance at your running shoes, if you find unusual wear, or realise you run with an incorrect stance, you should consider correcting your gait with an insole, to prevent a whole range of conditions from befalling your feet.

Symptoms of Runner's knee may include:

  • Pain in the knee
  • A sense of weakness or feeling like your knee may give out beneath you
  • A popping or cracking sensation
  • Increased pain when going downhill/ downstairs/ walking on uneven terrain

Send Runner’s Knee Running

Our range of high-performing insoles not only relieve the pain of Runner’s Knee but help correct the issues that cause it. Runner's Knee insoles include 3/4 Length Insoles that can give precise elevation to your foot and support to your knee, Full Length coverage and comfort, Gel Heel Cups that give optimum shock absorption and hardy Sports Inserts to help you hammer through health issues. The causes of Runner’s Knee are simple to correct with the correct insole and with our range (which includes the most popular insole in the world), you really will be spoilt for choice. 

As counter-productive as it may sound, putting your knee through some well-tailored exercise – once you’ve put your tailored your shoe with an insole – is the best way of getting them on the mend. From stretches of the legs to working your upper body, Runner’s Knee is the result of a fundamental misalignment of your entire running gait, and so a good look and reconditioning of your entire running body is essential to recovery. Re-evaluating your running style can sending Runner's Knee on its way and making sure it doesn’t come back. 

For an in-depth look at the specific exercises and other treatment for Runner’s Knee head over to our dedicated blog post.

Please visit Shoe Insoles for a range of insoles designed to combat and cure knee pain and Runner’s Knee. 

What is Runner's Knee?

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