What Shoe Inserts Do You Need If You Have Diabetes?
diabetic orthotics


Diabetics have a completely different type of foot than those who don’t have the disease. Diabetics feet are prone to have skin breakdown and can develop blisters or lesions that they don’t even notice or feel. They may have peripheral neuropathy which decreases the amount of feeling in the feet. Diabetics may also have more of a tendency to develop arthritis. And if the disease has affected their weight, their feet may be a lot wider than usual.


The ProThotics Comfort Gel Insole is one of the shoe inserts that can be considered in the category of diabetic orthotics. This one fits into orthopedic shoes and is designed to help reduce foot pain. Its Vygel heel cup prevents extra compression forces from acting on the heel (to cause heel skin breakdown and other problems that result from gravitational forces acting on the heel).


The ProThotics Comfort Gel insole is made with a substance called Plastazote®. This is a type of polyurethane that is made to be antimicrobial and also hypoallergenic. In diabetics, since the skin is so sensitive to breakdown, any type of allergy to materials could be enough to trigger the breakdown of skin. These shoe inserts for diabetics were designed to reduce the pressure of any foot ulcer.


New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles with Metatarsal Support are shoe inserts for diabetes, too. They also have a Plastazote top cover similar to the ProThotics Comfort Gel insole.


However, these diabetic orthotics are designed more for weight distribution as well as pressure relief. They’re mold-able to your feet. You’ll also find them perfect if you have other conditions besides diabetes such as Morton’s neuroma or metatarsalgia or even plantar fasciitis. (These conditions don’t normally result from diabetes, but do result from imperfectly aligned walking.)


Thus, consider the New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles with Metatarsal Support if you have pain in the ball of your foot or pain in your forefoot.

What Shoe Inserts Do You Need If You Have Diabetes?
New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles with Metatarsal Support


Lack of adequate air circulation can also be a problem for diabetics. You’ll find custom made air flow channels in these diabetic shoe inserts. Plus, you can trim them to fit.


And one more thing about the New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles – they have a deep heel cup with extra padding that takes off some of the pressure from gravitational forces on the feet. You can even put these diabetic orthotics into boots and hiking shoes.


Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to suffer with foot problems. Make a difference with diabetic shoe inserts.

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