Who can keep up with children’s fickle tastes in clothes and footwear? No parent I know; everyone has just given in to letting the kids decide what they’re going to wear to fit in with all the other kids they know.

Sometimes it pays off to lead your children a lot in their decisions – and when it comes to children’s shoes, you’ll end up reaping in just as many benefits as your kids. You benefit because if you steer your children in the direction of orthopedic insoles and inserts, then you’ll hear fewer complaints that their feet hurt. You’ll pay fewer podiatrist bills because the children won’t develop bunions, plantar fasciitis, Sever’s disease, knee problems, and other foot issues. So primarily, the benefits for you are your pocketbook.

The children benefit because they feel better all the time, unknown to them why that is. Like all kids, they’ll attribute feeling better to the fact that they’re young, and everyone should feel like they do.

Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles – are designed to provide support to your child’s foot growth through its most crucial stages. When a child is born, they have no arch, it is just a pad of fatty tissue. This arch developes over several years as the child grows. Since their arch is not fully developed and since the insides of most shoes do not have any arch support built in, the muscles on the of bottom of kids’ feet strain to keep up with the level of activity. With Arch Angels, children can play longer, walk farther, run harder and enjoy being a kid because their feet now have the support they need for developing arches. Simply put, no matter what you pay for your children’s shoes, any shoe with Arch Angels inside is a better shoe!

Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotics – are a 3/4-length, semi-rigid orthotic arch support insole that is specifically designed for toddlers to teens. They are ideal for providing arch support, proper alignment, and balance for flat feet, while helping with mild to moderate pronation (pediatric flatfoot), sever’s disease, muscle fatigue and excess motion.

Birkenstock BirkoBalance Children’s Arch Support Insoles – are a 3/4-length, rigid orthotic arch support insole that is for low to neutral arch types. They provide a deep heel cup for natural cushioning and shock absorption, natural contoured arch support for longitudinal medial arch support, and a low impact metatarsal support. The Birkenstock BirkoBalance Footbeds are constructed of Birkenstock’s patented unique dense EVA foam based insert that is waterproof and does not absorb water.

Pedag Bambini Children’s Leather Insoles – are specifically designed to meet the orthotic needs of children’s growing feet. The Bambini Children’s Leather Arch Supports are a 3/4-length, and have a semi-rigid orthotic arch support that is extra flexible and elastic but still provides superior support for the feet to help assist with pronation. With Your Sole Insole being flexible, this helps to strengthen muscles and tendons in the foot. The lightly contoured design supports the heel and the arch to gently enhance the anatomically correct positioning for the developing bones and tendons in a child’s foot. By keeping the foot in a natural, balanced position, the longitudinal arch is allowed to form and grow correctly; thereby, counteracting deformation of the foot and helps to prevent flat feet. The Bambini has a non-slip pattern cast into the bottom to prevent sliding. They are covered with an all natural vegetable tanned leather top cover.

The point is that as your child’s feet are developing, so are the arches. So by encouraging the feet to wear sandals with arch supports, your child’s feet have a greater chance of not being flat. Flat feet lead to all types of foot issues down the road.

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