What’s the purpose of sports medicine?

Sports Medicine Q & A

What’s the purpose of sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a branch of medical practice devoted to preventing and healing athletic injuries and improving athletic performance. In the field of podiatry, sports medicine focuses on any injury or biomechanical issue affecting your ankle, foot, or toes.


What common conditions does Podiatrists help with?


If you experience any of the following, see Podiatrists to promote recovery and return to your favorite activity:

Sprains and strains
Stress fractures
Broken ankles, feet, or toes
Ankle and foot weaknesses

What treatments are available for athletes?

Podiatrists starts with conservative, non-surgical therapies for foot-related conditions. He uses a variety of approaches, including exercise, splinting, orthotics, and gait adjustments, to address your athletic foot concerns.


Foot strength is paramount for any weight-bearing activity. Podiatrists equips you with the most effective ankle and foot exercises to build functional strength and flexibility.

Gait evaluation

Podiatrists can evaluate your foot’s position during movements related to your sport. By examining the location of the wear on your shoes, he can also tell if you favor one side or have abnormal arches. With that information, he can make footwear and form recommendations.


If you need help finding the right footwear for your sport, Podiatrists provides recommendations. He also offers custom orthotic inserts to enhance your foot’s position.

Assistive devices

Wraps, tapes, and splints are assistive devices that provide support for your feet and ankles. Podiatrists shows you how to use them if he determines they are beneficial. He may also have you wear other assistive devices to enhance recovery when you’re not on the field.

When should I see the doctor?

See Podiatrists if any of the following situations apply to you:

You want to get better at your sport
You have pain in your ankle, foot, or toes
You experience swelling after practices and games
You have an accompanying condition such as diabetes or arthritis
You sustain an injury to your foot

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