Why do I need to customize orthopedic insoles

With the popularity of orthopedic shoes, many people know that if a child has flat feet or valgus, they can be corrected by orthopedic shoes. But in fact, many people don’t know, why do you need to go to a professional institution for measurement and customization before correction? Today, we are going to popularize the problem of customizing insoles.

If you observe the child’s feet carefully, you will find that during the growth of the child, especially in early childhood, the child’s foot will show an inverted triangle, and the middle arch will be covered by a thick layer of fat. With the growth of age, the arch fat layer will be absorbed, about 4 years old, arch rendering. Some children, in the process of forming the arch, because of all kinds of bad habits or congenital problems, leading to foot problems. Because there are a variety of structural parts of the arch, heel, forefoot and so on, the child’s foot problems vary. Some children have high arches, flat feet, and other serious mixed with other problems, such as flat feet after inclusion foot eversion. Even for a single flat foot, there are differences in the degree of flatness. This is like myopia, which has different degrees of myopia and astigmatism, meaning that glasses need to be customized.

It is not the same scientific principles, that orthopedic shoes are customized according to different principles of human foot condition. Children need to go to a professional institution to measure the foot, then get a clear and accurate image of the foot, before customizing orthopedic shoes. You need to stand on foot scan equipment, according to three-dimensional measurement and tracking gait, giving accurate data measurements. Then, it will give children the most comfortable wearing experience, through various manual observations and corrections, more effective fine-tuning of corrective shoes.

There are several types of orthopedic shoes.  According to the different degrees of flatness of the foot, and the thickness of the soft tissue of the sole, different heel slopes, arch supports, and heel socket shapes can be designed to straighten the ankle, adjust the lower limb force line, and relieve the children’s tiredness. Orthotic insole wear requires a scientific method. Generally, when orthotic insoles start to wear, there can be a transition period, which means that the wearing time can be changed from a short time to a long time, and finally, a long time wearing can be realized to truly realize foot correction.


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