Why Wear Running Insoles?

Monday, 4 January 2016  |  Admin

ShoeInsoles.co.uk may offer a wide range of insoles to help poorly feet feel better and to send unpleasant conditions on their way, but don’t think we don’t have just the thing for ultra-healthy feet too!

Sore feet might need a little bit more TLC, that extra touch of cushioning or the bonus of some firmer arch support, but what about fit and active feet? Your hardworking heels and toes will never be more grateful for the boost of an insole than when they’re working their best and pushing their hardest.

The Sole of The Runner

Walking on an injured foot is one thing, but running on two healthy feet is quite another. Your feet must carry your body-weight all day, every day, you’re sure to have noticed them looking swollen and feeling sore after a particularly long period of holding you up.  It’s easy enough to imagine then, the pressure that running places on them.

Fast, hard and repetitive strain on your feet as you jog or sprint a long distance is sure to leave you with an unpleasant souvenir come the following day. Not only are your feet supporting your whole body when you run, they’re also absorbing the shock of the ground beneath as they forcibly hit the pavement. This shock travels from your foot to your knee, and upwards throughout your body, and can leave you with seemingly inexplicable back pain – it’s all down to – or up from your feet!

Why Wear Running Insoles?

For feet that suffer from Pronation or Supination insoles are also key, as a poorly aligned foot will never be more noticeable than when you’re running. A foot that overly rolls either inwards or outwards has a high risk of turning over completely, leaving you – and not your rivals – in the dust. Any ankle once sprained it is at risk of developing Chronic Ankle Instability, a side-effect of sprains and strains which heal poorly and leave the overall joint in a weakened state, soon to be injured again.

Find Your Sole Mate

When finding the right insoles for you, don’t be afraid to experiment, or chop and change. What’s ideal for running on a perfectly smooth track may not be the best fit for a bout of cross-country running. Some runners might swear by a full length foam insole while others are happy with a gel heel cup, your favourite deodorising insole during the summer months might give way to an insulated alternative once the cold settles in. In any case, almost all our insoles deliver shock absorbing qualities to make sure your heel, toes and everything in between is protected from the impact of a serious run. Everyone's feet are different, as is their running style and precisely what they look for in a perfect insole. We proudly stock a wide range of insoles, inserts and pads so you can find your own perfect fit, because there is no one better placed to find what is better for your feet than you!

Find your perfect running buddy at our online store with our great range of Running Insoles.

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