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Tuesday, 2 November 2021  |  Tenzin

Our feet are surely one of the unsung heroes of our bodies as they support us to carry out numerous activities on a daily basis. Whether it’s to go to work, walk the dogs in the park or engage in sporting activities, we rely on them all the time. So, it’s only natural that we should treat them with care with all the demands put on them.

Maybe you already wear insoles in your shoes and trainers when you’re about and about, particularly if you suffer from conditions such as arch pain and plantar fasciitis. But most people kick off their outdoor shoes when they arrive back home and pop their feet into any old slippers lying around.

Don’t be one of them – your feet deserve better! They deserve to experience the warm glow of slipping into a pair of Zullaz so that when you’re home, you’re relaxed and comfortable from head to your toes.

Read on to find out why Zullaz are the slippers you need in your life right now.

  • Orthotic slippers designed by podiatrists
  • Features FootActive Biomechanical arch support
  • Provides superior shock absorption
  • Elasticated heel for a better fit and extra warmth
  • Environmentally friendly outsole and felt uppers
  • Helps combat a variety of foot and non-foot-related conditions

Orthotic Slippers Designed by Podiatrists

Hands up if you find yourself in more discomfort when you change into your slippers than when you’re outside in your shoes or trainers? If that’s the case, it might be because your outdoor shoes have supportive insoles whereas your slippers are just a standard pair that’s just not cutting the mustard.

The Zullaz range of orthotic slippers are specially designed by podiatrists with expert care and knowledge who understand exactly what’s needed by people who want comfort, support and stability. Gone are the days when orthotic slippers were functional but had nothing else going for them. The Zullaz slippers are unisex with a contemporary design and come in 3 colour variations – Black, Blue and Grey – to cater to every style maven.

Features FootActive Biomechanical Arch Support

We only experience foot pain if there’s some abnormality in the foot so it’s wise not to ignore it until it gets worse. As your feet are the foundation of your body bearing your whole weight, it is essential to address any issues and have sufficient support for them otherwise it can affect you elsewhere in your body such as knee pain and lower back pain.


That’s why the FootActive biomechanical arch support found in Zullaz slippers can protect your arches and other parts of the foot that are not properly aligned. People have often found that with daily use, orthotic slippers can help to restore your foot function back to normal in a holistic and on-intrusive way acting as a preventative method of combatting foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis and Achilles tendonitis. They can also lead to better posture and provide stability when walking.

Provides Superior Shock Absorption

For those suffering from foot pain, there’s no great relief even when you’re at home doing simple chores like standing in the kitchen to cook or spending time tending to your plants in the garden. The mere act of standing on your feet can take their toll on the joints and muscles, just as much as they do when you’re outdoors.

It’s not possible to change your lifestyle dramatically to reduce the daily impact on your feet but the shock-absorbing component in the Zullaz slippers will certainly help. They work by evenly distributing the pressure into the arches rather than leave it all in the heels and balls of the foot.


The Zullaz Orthotic Slippers are available in classy black, versatile grey or vibrant blue, in sizes UK size 3 (EU 36) to UK 11 (EU 11) to fit most people.

Elasticated Heel for a Better Fit and Extra Warmth

You don’t have to worry about falling out of your slippers and risking injury with these revamped Zullaz orthotic slippers 2.0 as they have an elasticated heel that gently cups the back of your heel. Not only do they provide added comfort and safety, they can help correct any balance issues.

In addition to providing stability, the wool-like fabric will make them feel cocooned as if being enveloped in a warm hug, perfect for if you are prone to feeling the cold or suffer from conditions like Raynaud’s disease.

Environmentally Friendly Outsole and Felt Uppers

Who can say no to a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes that also benefit the planet?! Yes, that’s right, not only will the Zullaz slippers provide you with comfort and stability to alleviate foot pain, they are sustainably produced.

The felt upper part is made entirely from Eurelly/PETT which is recycled plastic but feels just like wool, providing instant warmth as soon as your slip your feet inside them. In fact, it takes about 8 plastic bottles to make one pair of slippers so this is one purchase you definitely won’t feel guilty about!


Also, the non-slip outsoles are made from recycled rubber to provide added grip so you can keep your slippers on even if you need to pop outside.

Helps Combat a Variety of Foot and Non-foot Related Conditions

Don’t let the fact that these are orthotic slippers put you off if you don’t suffer from common foot conditions like arch or heel pain. As with most health conditions, prevention is always better than cure so you shouldn’t leave it until you experience foot pain to invest in the right pair of supportive slippers. After all, health is wealth!

As the Zullaz slippers are professionally designed by industry-leading podiatrists and physiotherapists, they aid in not only reducing discomfort in your foot but could also prevent more serious foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, metatarsal pain and shin splints.

Besides, due to the connection between the feet and the lower body, these slippers could also lessen pain in your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. However, if the problem persists or worsens, then we’d recommend you consult your doctor for a detailed analysis.

In conclusion, if you’re after pair of cosy slippers that are made sustainably, with the added bonus of them providing comfort and support whilst preventing onset of foot conditions, then there’s a pair of Zullaz slippers are waiting for you!

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