What are bunions?

Bunion Q & A

What are bunions?

Bunions are bony bumps on the side of your big toe that result from years of stress pushing your big toe out of alignment. The big toe points inward, sending the bone at the base of the toe outward.

Bunions may cause pain as you walk and your feet bear your weight. When bunions rub against your socks and shoes, they may also irritate the skin and eventually form calluses.


How do I prevent bunions?


The best way to prevent bunions is to wear proper shoes. Wear comfortable shoes that allow your toes room to move. Adequate arch support and low heels help keep your feet healthy.

High-heeled, tight-fitting shoes pull your toes out of alignment and put excess pressure on the big toes. Although dress shoes are attractive, they are some of the worst offenders to your feet.

When should I contact a doctor?

If you see a noticeable bony bump on the side of your foot or experience foot pain when you walk, have Podiatrists check it out. He can determine if bunions or something else is to blame. He can also assess whether or not underlying arthritis makes your condition worse.

Podiatrists takes X-rays and performs blood tests to rule out infection. After he has enough information, he makes a treatment recommendation.

How do you treat bunions?

Depending on the severity and cause of your bunions, Podiatrists may suggest one of the following treatments:

Orthopedic shoes to reduce pressure and help correct foot alignment
Shoe inserts to provide strategic support
Medication to relieve pain and reduce inflammation
Surgery to remove the bunion
If you catch your bunions early and they don’t cause persistent pain, special shoes and inserts may be all you need to correct them. Podiatrists uses surgery as a last resort for advanced conditions that cause severe, persistent pain.

When bunions cause pain while you walk, it’s time to make an appointment with Podiatrists. Call or use the convenient online scheduler to set up an appointment.

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