hammer toe

What is hammer toe?

Hammer Toe Q & A

What is hammer toe?

Hammer toe is a foot deformity that causes the end of the toe to curl under like a claw. Certain external conditions prevent the muscles, tendons, or ligaments from staying straight. The abnormal bend can result in the following:

Difficulty moving the toe
Eventually, the tendons in the toe may tighten, and it could lose its flexibility, causing a permanent bend.

What causes hammer toe?

Sometimes a congenital disability causes toes to curl. Other times it is possible to acquire hammer toe by wearing ill-fitting shoes or experiencing an injury.

Jamming or breaking a toe creates the perfect conditions for hammer toe. If your second toe is longer than your big toe, it might assume a scrunched-up position and eventually create a muscle imbalance.

Muscle imbalances in the toe can also cause one side of the muscle to contract and one side to lengthen, resulting in the characteristic curled position. Arthritis and diabetes can also play a role in the development of hammer toe.

When should I see the doctor?

Any time your toes or feet hurt because of a curled toe, you should see a doctor. Podiatrists can recommend lifestyle adjustments, exercises, and medical treatments to prevent or reverse hammer toe.

If your hammer toe isn’t causing problematic side effects right now, it can still lead to complications in the future. Seeing Podiatrists can also help prevent irreversible curling.

What treatment options do you offer?
Proper footwear and inserts keep your toe straight and relieve the pain from a hammer toe. If your affected toe is still flexible, roomy shoes with adequate support allow the toes to stretch out.

Podiatrists also provides toe exercises to build strength and flexibility in your toes. He also supplies splints to keep the toe adequately supported during your daily activities.

If your hammer toe is immovable, surgery can realign the toe joint.

Call or use the online scheduler to meet with Podiatrists if you’re looking for a podiatrist to treat your hammer toe.

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