Happy New Year, Feet! Here Are Six Resolutions To Take Better Care of You

Happy New Year, Feet!  Here Are Six Resolutions To Take Better Care of You

This is the time of the year when you resolve to take better care of your body. We applaud your goals, but also urge you not to forget your feet!

We all do it — when making resolutions, feet often get lost in the shuffle, lagging way behind losing weight, working out, and even flossing.

This year, we made foot care resolutions easy for you. All you have to do is keep this simple checklist handy, and regularly check back to our Orthofeet blog for more ways you can be kind to your feet.   

Our fingers are crossed that you will take good care of your feet in 2017. They’ll be so grateful, and you’ll feel worlds better.

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Here’s how you start:

  • Stretch!

This is the most simple way to keep your feet flexible and strong. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes every day, or do it more often when you realize how good it makes your feet feel.

Happy New Year, Feet!  Here Are Six Resolutions To Take Better Care of YouPassive Stretch for Ankle
Gently grasp foot and bend ankle and foot up and down. Hold 30 seconds.

Happy New Year, Feet!  Here Are Six Resolutions To Take Better Care of You

Passive Stretch for Toe Flexion / Extension
Gently grasp big toe and straighten it to feel stretch in bottom of foot. Hold 20 seconds.

Happy New Year, Feet!  Here Are Six Resolutions To Take Better Care of YouStretching for Calf Muscle w/ Straight Knee
Stand with right foot back, leg straight, forward leg bent. Keeping heel on floor, turned slightly out, lean into wall until stretch is felt in right calf. Hold 30 seconds. Complete on opposite leg also.
  • Don’t go barefoot

Being barefoot seems like the most natural thing in the world, until you realize that it causes enormous strain and can lead to infections and athlete’s foot. Even at the family picnic, or at the pool or the beach, be sure to wear shoes that always support and protect your feet. Try these Orthotic Shoes instead!

  • Avoid flat footwear

Flat footwear seems like simple, easy options, but they can cause heel pain, tendinitis, and stress fractures. Having flat feet while wearing flat footwear will only aggravate these problems. Consider more supportive alternatives here.

  • Wear slippers in the house

Once you get home, you may have a tendency to chill out by going barefoot or just wearing socks. Instead, go for slippers. They’ll keep your feet supported while protecting them from injury and infection.  Don’t just wear any old slippers, though. Make sure they offer good orthotic and ergonomic support. Our recommendations: Charlotte (for women) or Asheville (for men). These are uniquely designed ergonomic support for your feet and you can comfortably walk all day in them.

  • Swear off high heels

Heels may be a high-fashion favorite, but what they ultimately do is force all of your weight to the front of your foot, which brings the pain. High heels also invites bunions, corns and other problems.

Here are some alternatives that will keep you looking good without keeping your feet in agony: try a lower (two-inch) heel, but only occasionally. If you have flat feet, choose chunky heels instead of skinny ones. Take a look at some of alternatives here.

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  • See your foot care professional.

Schedule a regular check-up (it’s very common to neglect this – but also vital to make it a part of your health regimen). In particular, if you experience any of these symptoms, see your doctor immediately:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Persistent swelling
  • Poor circulation/cold feet
  • Burning pain, tingling or numbness
  • Changes in skin condition
  • If you have diabetes, or suspect that you do.

Click here if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.

Your friends here at Orthofeet are cheering you on as you give your feet the attention they deserve. We wish you a happy and healthy 2017!

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