How to choose orthotics

Before you choose orthotics, you need to know your feet type.

How to determine foot arch type?

Normal Arch (Medium) If the middle part of your arch is about half filled, this means you have a normal arch.
Flat Arch (Full) If your footprint looks like a complete foot, then you have a flat arch.
High Arch (Less) If you see little of your footprint, you likely have high arches.


Consider the types of activities you need orthotics for

Orthotic insoles will provide you with the correct support for your lifestyle. If you are a runner or athlete need to do strenuous exercise, you may need to High Elastic breathable insole, if you are a office worker sitting still all the day,  you may require the dairly wearing insole, forexample soft insole . Different place choose different arch orthotics insoles.

If you are Flat feet, you can find the flat feet orthotic insoles.

According to your feet type to choose your orthotics.


Seek professional advice or a prescription

Many place has the podiatrists and know exactly how orthotics should be correcting and supporting you to protect you from injury and pain. They have the knowledge to ensure that you get the most of your orthotics and understand exactly how to support and protect your feet. You can find the local clinic for help. They can create customized orthotics that provide the perfect fit and exact support you need to improve your condition or support your lifestyle.



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