Lynne Jacques: Shoes With Built-In Inserts Are The Apple of Her Eye

Lynne Jacques: Shoes With Built-In Inserts Are The Apple of Her EyeAt farmers’ markets in central Michigan, everyone loves the apples that Lynn Jacques sells from her orchard. Along with her husband, Gary, she grows 25 different types, from Macintosh to HoneyCrisp (“the ones everybody likes,” she says).

Their 2000-tree orchard includes peaches, pears, and plums, as well as strawberries, asparagus and various vegetables. The Jacques also offer jelly, caramel apples, and a cider consisting of a blend of their sweetest, tartest apples.

You may imagine that orchard work — as well as long hours running a popular stand at farmers’ markets — involve a great deal of standing. Lynne knows all about this. Her products and produce take the cake, but her feet take a beating.

“Especially on concrete,” Lynne adds.

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Ten years ago, Lynne had surgery on both feet (each foot one year apart) as a result of planter fasciitis, which is a result of inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes. It’s the most common cause of heel pain.

Lynne Jacques: Shoes With Built-In Inserts Are The Apple of Her EyeShe tells us, “My feet hurt so bad that in the end, they decided to do surgery. It helped that problem, but after that, I had to wear custom inserts. My feet were never quite the same. I couldn’t wear regular shoes or anything. And I couldn’t walk barefoot very well.”

As a result, she had tried a number of brands of shoes over the years, looking for both support and comfort. The problem: no matter what shoes she chose, she had to include her custom orthotics, placing and removing them in and out of each pair.

Through her online searching, she discovered Orthofeet, and a feature that she had not seen before.

“They were the first shoes I ever had where I could leave the inserts in,” she says. “They were already in the shoe. They were more comfortable than wearing my custom, removable inserts. They fit my feet better. Some of the other brands would rub against my toes. Not a single pair of Orthofeet shoes have done that at all.”

Ever since that first purchase, Lynne focuses on her loyal customers instead of any pain or discomfort in her feet.

“They hold up pretty nicely,” Lynne says. “I just love them. I have about four or five pair. That’s all I wear. And they fit so well, I don’t even need to add inserts anymore.”

Her shoes give her the flexibility, support and comfort she needs in any situation or season.

“I wear my Tahoe sneakers for work — including farm work,” she says. “I have my black Shenandoah Boots for winter and my new Whitney leather sneakers.”

Looks like an apple a day – and her Orthofeet shoes – keep the doctor away.

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Lynne Jacques: Shoes With Built-In Inserts Are The Apple of Her Eye

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