Powerstep: Powerful Insoles Straight Off the Shelf

Friday, 10 July 2015  |  John

In 1991, Powerstep was founded by Dr Les Appel, a podiatrist, foot surgeon and runner. Dr Appel knew that there were some orthotic shapes that worked well with most patients but he noticed that there was a clear lack of simple, off-the-shelf shoe insoles that were ready to wear and would work well at reducing pain. Dr Appel set out to change this and decided to design his own range of insoles to accommodate as many people and conditions as possible.

Powerstep’s first insoles were sold to sports stores and foot specialists, however their market quickly diversified. Today, Powerstep are one of the premier brands for insoles and are suited to a number of problems.

Not Just For Sports

While shoe insoles have a habit of being associated with sports, Powerstep make shoe insoles for every purpose. Their ErgoShield line is designed for providing everyday comfort to people who spend their days on their feet, for example factory workers, teachers and people working in retail.

Powerstep's ProTech orthotics are great for helping with numerous foot conditions. For example, by supporting the arch, they are great for flat feet while still offering stability that helps to counter overpronation (the rolling of feet while walking or running).

Powerstep: Powerful Insoles Straight Off the Shelf

Leading the Way

Powerstep is the leading shoe insole manufacturer in the US for podiatrists, and it’s easy to see why. Almost every product is designed and made at their Ohio base, each one being manufactured and designed with attention and care, ensuring the best possible product.

Each manufacturing facility has strict quality and environmental control standards, this quality assurance gives you peace of mind that every Powerstep insole will meet exacting standards.

Versatile and Varied

From the minds of the geniuses at Powerstep, these shoe insoles are designed and made for a huge amount of conditions and purposes. In addition, Powerstep insoles come in a variety of sizes, designs and thickness, to ensure that almost any shoe can fit a Powerstep insole.

The full sized insoles are great for long, roomy shoes, while the 3/4 length insoles are perfect for more compact shoes. Powerstep even have "Slenderfit" insoles that are ideal for low profile shoes, such as most women’s shoes and high heels.

Satisfied Workers, Satisfied Customers

Powerstep is an employee-owned company, meaning that it makes sure that every single member of its workforce is satisfied and happy in their work. When people are happy, they work better and this satisfaction ensures that you receive the best products and best customer service possible. 

In 2015 Powerstep was ranked as one of the top places to work by The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio’s leading daily newspaper.

If you are interested in buying a Powerstep insole, feel free to check out Shoe Insoles and have a look at our Powerstep Shoe Insoles.

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