The benefits of basketball insoles

Why playing basketball can damage the feet?
Basketball players often wear lightweight sneakers, and it is said that it could help to move quickly on the court. However, the fact is that lightweight often means little support of the feet, and prone to boost foot problems.

Inflammation of Achilles Tendon

When a player is on the court, playing basketball, the feet are used to run and jump all the time. A ligament (the Plantar Fascia) is stretched at the base during running and jumping.  Like most other ligaments and muscles, if not warmed up before the game, the ligament can get pulled, resulting in severe pain, swelling, discomfort, and bruising.  There are also heel muscles and tendons flexing each time, especially the Achilles Tendon being pulled, resulting in plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis.
Besides, constant jumping with high impact can cause shin fractures and knee concerns.

(Photo source: “The ankle is that bad”: Murray’s ankle injury is causing worry for Denver By TJ McBride – February 1, 2019)

So, is it possible to gain enough support with lightweight sneakers?
The answer is YES.  Just replace the insoles coming with the sneakers with qualified basketball insoles, and get the support needed in the arch, ankle, and heel.

Basketball insoles are designed to support the feet while playing, even if the feet were previously injured.  The insoles help the shoe to stay stable and firm, and add extra padding to absorb shock.

Ideastep Basketball insole

Take the IDEASTEP basketball insoles for example (picture shown above).  The bottom side composes of PU (the yellow and green part) and PP (the dark-blue part).  The material PU is soft, high-elastic, cushy, and hard to deform.  The metatarsal and heel PU pads (the two green parts) help to disperse stress to the entire forefoot, and absorb shock and high impact during constant running and jumping.  Besides, there is a rigid U-Shape heel cup and inner arch support to further dissolve the high impact on the heel, and hold the foot stable and firm.


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