The EdgePro Insoles were developed by the Currex Company and formerly called the FootDisc Insoles. The name ‘Currex’ actually comes from the words ‘currere’ meaning run and ‘rex’ meaning king. To be the running king, the Currex Company believes that they must have the best analysis systems to evaluate gait during running. However, their name in the industry is known for their Foot Analysis System where an anyone can go into an athletic shoe store, professionally determine their arch type, analyze their gait, and professionally determine what insole is best for them.

During the analysis of the gait, an athlete can figure out whether or not he or she is over-pronating or over-supinating while walking. Even if you are bow-legged or knock-kneed, the Currex system of Foot analysis can still determine what is your best EdgePro Insole.

Currex creates insoles for all types of different sporting activities. Here’s a list of the Currex Insoles that are available:

  • CurrexSole RunPro Insoles
  • CurrexSole BikePro Insoles
  • CurrexSole HikePro Insoles
  • CurrexSole EdgePro Insoles
  • CurrexSole RunExpert Insoles
  • CurrexSole WorkPro Insoles
  • CurrexSole HockeyPro Insoles
  • Currex has a way of categorizing their insoles so you’ll get a perfect fit.

    The Blue Insoles are for those who tend to supinate their feet too much when they walk because they have a high arch. The type of shoe that is needed is a neutral shoe, one that doesn’t have a medial support.

    The Yellow Insoles are the ones for those who have a neutral foot or tend to over-pronate. This usually occurs when someone has a medium to high arch. A medial area of support in the shoe will help keep the foot aligned in this case.

    The Red Insoles are for those who over-pronate. These are for those who have flat feet. When the red insole is used along with a shoe that has medial support, the support to the foot will be maximized.

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