What is EVA?

What is an EVA Insole?
More brands use their shoes with EVA insoles, so it’s no wonder you want to know exactly what they are! Simply stated, a plastic insole that can be lighter and more flexible than rubber is an EVA insole. But this is just the surface of what these insoles are and what their advantages are, which is why we have created the ultimate guide so that you can see what you can do with EVA stuff.

And what is EVA?

EVA stands for Acetate of Ethylene-Vinyl. This is an elastomeric polymer that creates soft and flexible materials that are “rubber-like” It is a plastic made to produce rubber-like properties that can be used for shoe insoles by mixing ethylene and vinyl acetate.


How are EVA insoles manufactured?

In essence, the insoles are EVA shaped to suit our required design, then added by our expert team to the shoe or boot.



EVA insoles have lots of advantages, we think they make a perfect addition to our trainers for men, trainers for women and boots. Combined with the shock absorbing properties, the softness and durability of the insoles make it suitable for our Merino runners, while our wool boot is ideal for heat retention.


Five reasons we want to use EVA insoles are here:


More Flexibility. EVA appears to be smoother than rubber, which means more versatility is available.


Just lighter. The EVA is thinner than leather, which allows for a much lighter shoe in combination with the merino wool uppers.


They make you colder. EVA does not exert as much pressure, which ensures that your feet can remain warmer for longer. This makes it our wool boot’s perfect insole.


Absorption of Shock. For a more comfortable walk or run in our shoes, our EVA insoles absorb more of the step effect.


Longevity. EVA insoles can be longer in length than other insoles.


The use of EVA insoles is just part of our dedication to the use of our products of the finest materials. Our Green Policy also ensures that 0 percent of scraps, up to 90 percent of the production of recycled water, and 100 percent of the usage of renewable resources are dedicated.


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