Prothotics Arthritic & Diabetic insoles is one of the name brands in the field of orthotics that you should know about. This company uses a group of leading medical professionals (including podiatrists) to create their orthotics. Their orthotics are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Most importantly, if you’re a diabetic, you should know about the Prothotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles.The type of material used for these orthotics for diabetics is called Plastazote®, a hard type of material that gives more structure to the Orthotic. Plastazote® isn’t usually used in other insoles.

How Prothotics Diabetic Orthotics Differ From Other Orthotics


The Prothotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles are created for wide feet, another difference between other orthotics and this company’s orthotics. Many diabetics have wide feet or their feet widen with time the longer they have the disorder. These orthotics for diabetics may be trimmed to fit a shoe as well.


The purpose of these insoles is to decrease the pain of peripheral neuropathy and prevent additional skin breakdown. By properly engineering these orthotics for diabetics, the Prothotics Company is able to reduce shear forces that cause the foot lesions in the first place. These insoles also will fit well in shoes that have a deeper toe box than regular shoes.


All Prothotics Therapeutic Wide Diabetic Insoles are hand washable and will air dry. They may also be used for people who have bunions and Charcot foot. That’s because they reduce the peak pressures at the site of the bunions and Charcot foot pain.


Prothotics insoles may be used for peripheral neuropathy, inflammation of the metatarsal heads, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and some additional foot deformities such as those that can occur when there’s arthritis. Not all orthotics can accommodate these conditions.

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