The Spenco Orthotic Line is quite extensive. It’s composed of five different types of footwear support:

• Spenco RX®

• Spenco Kids® Insoles

• Spenco Polysorb® Insoles

• Spenco Gel Insoles

• Spenco for Her® Insoles

Here’s the difference between them:


1. The Spenco RX® line consists of primarily full length and ¾ length Orthotic arch supports, arch cushions, comfort insoles, heel cushions and ball of foot cushions.


2. The Spenco Kids® Insoles are for children only. There are two types – the Kids Total Support Insoles for athletic shoes and cleats to prevent medical foot disorders and the Kids Polysorb Premium Insoles, thinner but for the same purpose.


3. The Spenco Polysorb Insoles are created for those who play sports, or those who need to cool or warm the foot. Some examples in this line would include:

• Cross Trainer

• Walker Runner

• GRF Basketball – These help cushion the heel and the entire foot, protecting it from jumps while simultaneously enhancing your vertical leap. They are created in a way to reduce ankle sprains which are common for basketball players.

• Ironman Race Insoles

• Ironman Train Insoles

The Spenco Polysorb Insoles also include ones called Heavy Duty for work and industrial situations, and an overall Total Support Insole with both regular thickness and thin, and even an Ultrathin pair of insoles.

Overview of the Spenco Orthotic Line


There’s also the Flow Cool and Flow Warm insoles which are insoles designed to have the equivalent of air conditioning or heat inside your shoes. The Flow Cool Performance insoles are for tight-fitting shoes of those whose feet tend to sweat. The Flow Warm Insoles are a discontinued item but there may still be some in stock. These are insoles built with a reflective thermal barrier and air channel technology that traps the heat yet circulates it.

4. The Spenco Gel Insoles are obviously made of gel for a cushioned, walking on clouds type of feeling. In this line, you’ll find the Gel Total Support insoles, Gel Insoles, Proform Gel Full Length and ¾ Length Insoles, Ironman Gel Performance Insoles and Ironman Sports Plus Replacement Insoles as well as different Gel Heel Cups and Gel Ball of Foot Cushions.


5. The Spenco for Her® line includes For Her Total Support insoles (recommended for training shoes, basketball, tennis shoes and athletic shoes) and For Her Q Factor Cushions. The Q Factor insoles are full length insoles that are engineered for women’s feet. Women have a wider pelvis than men and thus a greater Q angle between the tendon that leads to the patella knee cap and the quadriceps muscle. The greater angle biomechanically stresses the knees, hips and back more than the Q angle in men. This one has a one year unconditional guarantee and is recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

There’s a pair of Spenco insoles for everyone. Here’s an entire directory of the Spenco Insoles:

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